3 Trios: A Piece/One Peace; in Five Acts, is scored for a liberal interpretation of ‘trios’.  On occasion, a video monitor acts as a ‘player’ in a trio, and each section is scored somewhat differently.  In essence, I am always thinking about groups of three, sometimes offset by groups of five.  Most importantly in “Changes”, we see progressively added group of trios, superimposed on a discussion of existential musical ideas….

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Alecia Olson       Violin
Aimon Dwan      Cello
Dan Mills            Trumpet, Asian bell, hand drum
Robert Dudd       Viola, Electric viola and effects, hand drum
John Stevens      Electric bass, hand drum
Will Moblo          Redwood chimes, percussion, electric guitar,
hand drum
Mark Mantel       Vibraphone, text, mbira, electronics, processing,
piano, organ, hand drum