Three recent pieces: hear the MP3 of all of them, set to a hand drum solo, entitled ‘Beat Crisis: LAPD or KKK?’

The score and a recording of the hand drum solo are available by request!



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A Poem About Pears and Survival


I have

Four pears. They’ve fallen
Off of the tree, encouraged by the
Blustery wind.
They’re next to page seven
Of the trio.
It’s not done yet…
The pears, they will have ripened,
Been eaten, and most likely
Well before the trio is completed.
One is ready to eat now, I think.
They’re small – small to medium.
Not a store type of pear; more,
a backyard kind of pear.
A tart pear – perhaps
a canning pear?
Once, four pears were a good days
Meal – once, that was all I could
Hope for.
In poker, pairs are integral. Two pairs, for
Instance two aces and two kings, could very well
Be a good hand.
Three of a kind always beats
Two pair.
Even three lowly deuces.
But four average pears will get you through
To the next day.

mantel, 17 october, 2004


Remember When


Remember when answering machines had two big cassette tapes, one incoming and one outgoing, and inevitably ate your tape?

Remember when a nuclear attack drill consisted of ducking and covering?

Remember when gas was 29.9 cents a gallon?

Remember when just one suicide bomb detonation made international news coverage for weeks, and necessitated international discussion?

Remember when fish contained no mercury?

Remember when you said you loved me?
mantel, 28 april, 2007

©2007, mantel



Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my T.V. stays on

And if I die before I wake
Pry the box from my cold dead fingers…

and make sure it was on a channel
Which reflects my deeply personal views of life as I believe
I knew it.

God bless Rupert,
and Disney,
and General Electric.
and everybody I love,